Harrassment: Do You Tell If Your Bei Harassed At Work And How Do You Deal With It ?

Harrassment comes in various forms. The majority of people think that harassment only comes in sexual form or acts, but there are many other situations which can be considered that you’re being bullied – one is that at work. If sexual harrassment is one thing that needs to be taken seriously, so is being bullied at work.

If you’re fairly new to the company and you’ve noticed that your co-workers, even your boss treat you unfairly, there are greater chances that you’re a victim of workspace bullying or harassment. Believe it or not, while many people would perceive this as a common thing that happens in the corporate world, it isn’t. You should know your rights and you need to be able to understand that you can stand up against these situations.

If not dealt with properly, or if the work harassment continues, studies have revealed that employees who experience these unfortunate situations are most likely to become less productive, prone to stress and other related sicknesses, as well as cause trauma and damage to one’s social and psychological help. These things will eventually cause the person to lack interest in work, and eventually can even make them lose self-esteem and self-confidence.

Women are mostly victims of workplace bullying, but there is also a small percentage showing that men too, are also being sexually harassed at work. This involves touching one’s body parts or showing unwanted gestures. Take note: harassment may take place, even if there is no physical contact. The fact that those who are bullying you are using hand and body gestures, making you feel uncomfortable, and ‘violated’ is a serious situation that you shouldn’t let it pass.

Signs You’re Being Harassed

According to Forbes, there are different ways on how you can tell that you’re being harassed in your workplace. These signs are:

– Stress related to harassment at work usually starts when you feel anxious about going to work, even the night before your shift starts.

– If you’re constantly being yelled at, being called names and even humiliated in front of many people, it is a clear sign you’re being bullied at work.

– If you feel like your boss is trying to change your schedule purposely, for no reason at all, especially when your new work schedule is conflicting with your rest days, it is an absolute sign of bullying. If you have rendered all working hours for the week, there is no need for erratic changes in your schedule.

There is no easy way of dealing with this right now. Unfortunately, not so many people are aware that they can do something about it. If you feel like you are being harassed, either mentally, emotionally or sexually, talk to your immediate supervisor or manager to settle these things down. These types of things and attitude should not be entertained in the workplace.

Know your rights. Know what you should do, stand up for yourself. Don’t let others take advantage of you, no matter how new you are, or no matter how they’re far superior to you. Nobody deserves to be treated like that.